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Originally Posted by Efendija View Post
Seriously though, having the artist's name displayed in native language characters in the unicode (so I'm not thinking cyrillic only) seems quite fair and appropriate (again, just a personal opinion).
Yeah, I really want it somewhere, but even though those fields are called "Unicode," the VGMdb UI still largely assumes that what you're putting there is Japanese. I'm arguing mostly on the basis of how the site currently displays names, which is unfortunately not fair to most languages. As much as I would like for Пётр Чайко́вский to be there prominently on artist pages, I don't really see any utility gains in making the "original" display on album pages become a mishmash of languages the system clearly wasn't designed to handle (automatically putting the family name first and not having a space no matter what).

Also, if this is the direction we're going with the "Unicode" fields, then we should get rid of all Japanese transcriptions of names. Johann Strauss's original name is "Johann Strauss," not "ヨハン・シュトラウス."

These are all things a new identity system could help with: being able to tag names with languages. That way we could actually say "show me Japanese versions of all names" without any ambiguity and smartly handle name ordering and all that jazz.
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