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Yeah, Strauss's original name is Strauss, no doubt about that xD. It's really not completely unbiased if we kick the real, original name out in favor of English/western users (that would be so if we leave only 'Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky' in this example because that's basically a romanization of the original name) and Japanese users by leaving the katakana transcriptions in unicode fields for non-Japanese artsts.

The way I see it, some changes would be:
-separate kanji labeled fields for Japanese artists, because we know very well they are dominant, (should also cover kanji+hiragana/kanji+katakana name mixes etc. for some Japanese artists):
-unicode fields should really be unicode, holding the original, natively written artist's name, no matter what language it is (if it's Japanese, kanji should be enough, no need to repeat it)
-katakana transcription fields (for Strauss's ヨハン・シュトラウス and all other similar cases).

I can imagine it would be no small task, to put it mildly, but it could be something to consider in the future.

Latin and hiragana fields... no need to change them.

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