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Yeah. The Capcom wikia seems to have lots of guesses on there. I see it has credits given to composers like Yuko that have no official confirmation. Though i am almost positive a lot of those given to her are correct, Yuko is quite the recluse it seems so there's no way of knowing unless she finally decides to get up here. So anything with her either needs info from 90's interviews when she was around or guesses. That page also attributes the stage end theme to isao, but i really think yuko is responsible for that, though that is simple speculation. But no matter...

It is possible that was Bun Bun too, but i somehow feel like it's not his. Just was based on his previous track. But it's hard to say who had anything to do with that one. It almost sounds to me that two individual tracks were made, one by bun bun and yoko, and then someone unknown to us right now stepped in and made sister tracks. At least to me, i don't know, these two songs have something in common, to me at least, anyway.

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