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Originally Posted by nextday View Post
It's the never ending "scope creep" that continually gets brought up. SS said earlier this year "We definitely aren't going to cover Sentai or Kaiju" and then not even 1 month later started allowing literally every Sentai album.

If the person behind the wheel isn't willing to put on the brakes, then what's the point in even having brakes?
Even though to the defense of what this site stands for you could always just filter your main page to only view liable VGM.But at the end of the day it, this entry just doesn't sit well with me and its ripple effects on the future of this site.

Just a couple of years ago i remember we could'nt link artists without scans. Entry quality, relevance and integrity should be our top priority here. I'd hate this place to turn into a discogs carbon copy, a big pile of shit with incomplete and ubiquitous databases...
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