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There's around 38,000 album entries which have only 'Game' category selected.

There's 24,000 albums with 'Animation' category only. A certain number of albums with mixed content exists too.

Stopping right here for just a moment and would you honestly say VGMdb is still exactly the same compared to its roots? Even the slogan had changed to "the music of visual arts and games" (and that didn't happen recently).

There are ever present soundtracks of live-action series, movies, documentaries (and so on) that aren't based on anything in particular. They're here because the composers (or rarely vocalists) involved are relevant in the primary fields this database covers so those other albums serve as an example of their "outside" work. Some people are important (or honestly popular) enough that almost all of their discography is present here. Even if some aren't the exact match for the criteria, most "out of scope" albums do get accepted (assuming they're not totally empty/badly submitted entries).

Another category which exists is (print) publication. Around 900 album entries there. For example image albums of manga or novel series that may or may have not received any sort of adaptation to another media format.

Albums that appear dark blue don't have associated category and that's where everything else resides. All the live-action movies, series are there as well. Some of the live-action music albums have the video game as the franchise source (the only kind that was allowed in the beginning). Most of them with manga/(light) novel as the source though. Some that actually have the animated work as the source. Super-sentai music (in broader terms tokusatsu). Also albums not containing music for any media project (no category, no represented product). I guess most of you are not seeing them and only get alarmed on Spiderman and the likes.

As recently told, "out-of scope" entries aren't the problem "as long as their percentages were appropriate". Poor submissions aren't covered (submissions which lack a substantial amount of information). Bad submission can be easily rejected if the reviewer doesn't want to spend the time filling in the blanks.

There's an idea to make portals (which will likely group the game related content again). When's that happening - anyone's guess.

If anything, anime submissions have overshadowed the game ones to a certain extent.

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