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Originally Posted by Efendija View Post
I guess most of you are not seeing them and only get alarmed on Spiderman and the likes.
I suppose it is alarming to people like me because I view VGMdb as a niche database. Game music is niche, anime music is niche, doujin music is niche, Hollywood is mainstream. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

I think there needs to be a community discussion about what we want VGMdb to be. The db has become rather large now - 72,000 entries at the time of this post. The main page is pretty much unusable for anyone who came here looking specifically for game music. This can be fixed by changing your preferences, but the average person isn't going to know about that option. Segmenting the db with portals seems like a decent option that wouldn't be too hard to implement. I'd still like to hear other ideas, though, which is why there needs to a proper discussion.
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