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Originally Posted by Jimby View Post
I think a segmentation of the database would be my preferred option. Remaining niche is all well and good but we don’t want to stray into elitism either. Honestly, there are times that the recently updated page of this site must look impenetrable to a casual visitor who just wants to browse some VGM and I think it puts a good number of people off. If we’re not looking to have more people visit, and crucially, feel empowered to contribute to the site then what’s the point?

I don’t want mainstream film scores to end up here on the site as it is and I actually don’t think that will happen but I wouldn’t be against a separate portal linked to VGMdb. Visitor traffic and moderation issues aside, as a film music fan I feel the internet could do with a movie music database that held itself to the standards set here but it couldn’t, let alone shouldn’t, happen within the existing framework.
I don't think remaining niche will guarantee elitism will spawn from it. As for the casual visitor, if you mean someone who just found out about this place and wants to look at game scores and is not into getting into forum discussion, then that type of casual is fine. It's this place broadening the audience, drawing in people fans of that other thing that the site does not suggest in its title but aren't into the main subject that's the problem. I would also think the site remaining true to its name would work better for a casual visitor as well. When I casually want to browse a certain thing, my first thought is, if a site promises that, then that's what it will give.

Unless you mean something else with this, this place has included mainstream hollywood film scores. That's precisely what we're talking about. If I mistook what you were saying, scratch this.

The concern here is that there seems to have been a gradual descent going from video games, then anime, which then lead to film adaptations, whether it be japan or hollywood, and that somehow lead to comic books, which leads to even more hollywood film scores. If it keeps up, along with the lax attitude, the place could very well start including more film scores, and thus broadening the audience, drawing in film buffs who may know nothing about vg music.
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