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Portals/hub approach is indeed an excellent idea. Still thinking a live-action category should be created in order to filter out this content to begin with (movies, TV shows, sentai, documentaries, stage plays - we're getting these ones too). Maybe as a stopgap or better yet simultaneously with the hub (when that happens, quite a number of albums would require the live-action category applied, several hundreds of the active entries at the moment). There's literally no way to exclude live-action material at the highest level of presentation because the live-action category doesn't exist. Not without applying some more filters in the advanced search each time. No separate forum section is problematic as well, every discussion ends up in the game section, obviously interfering with the genuine game album topics.

During my time, I've rejected some live-action series/movies albums that were connected to artists that don't really need to have them present here. Each rejection was a potential forum talk of why I did it when there was an artist A with an album B which was already included in the DB. It goes both ways: people can be passionate to exclude certain albums as well as include them. It's a tiresome task to defend certain guidelines with its integrity not fully in place because of various circumstances as the time goes on and which add to the inevitable blurriness. Needless to say I stopped moderating/rejecting such entries a long time ago. All this doesn't mean that certain standards don't exist, it means it gets harder to navigate through them.

So yes, segmentation would be the right solution in my opinion too. That would bring back the true focus on video game content exclusively without the events that single out other various content as good or bad or grey, more/less deserving, so to speak. A true video game music database shouldn't have anything else besides video game album (information) content. There isn't something more and something less tolerable so it can stick with the video game content long enough, up to the point where it's not that far off from becoming dominant, IMHO. At the same time, the non-video game content should be definitely moved to portals to keep things healthy so each can thrive in their own respective space. My two cents.
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