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First of all, this discussion should be moved elsewhere.

I am in this project since the beginning as i followed the adventure even before its creation, on SlightyDark and GamingForce forums.
I have been battling for the preservation of the original idea behind "vgmdb" for years but without avail.
Creators and first fans/submitters of vgmdb are now busy with other things in their life, and most of the intern realisation of the website is done by a couple of persons.

The whole problem is to find where do you want to stop being exhaustive.
We started with VGM but at the minute you start listing Japanese composers it also leads to Anime music, which then leads to publication or sentai music.
It is the same with western music, western composers will lead to western anime music and film music (i am looking at you, Michael Giacchino!).

A separation of the genres would be ideal, but can this be ever realised ? Separaring the website at least in 2 or 3 parts while keeping the connections of the composers, that would probably ask a huge amount of work.

For the moment i have completely disabled anything that is not game related because things are getting out of hands, and i truly regret that as a fan and active contributor since the beginning.
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