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Default VGMdb Discord (?!)

I created a Discord for VGMdb because I think there is value and more widespread appeal for it over IRC. If you want to join, feel free. If you don't want to, you're not obligated. Just some metrics from leveraging both IRC and Discord for over a year now for *youknowhere*, there are 3-4 times as many users in Discord, active participation is up, IRC users have dropped by ~50% and IRC activity has dropped to almost zero.

This is not admin or staff sanctioned, just something I chose to do on my own. If admin or staff do not want this (as a representation of the site, not individually), I'll be happy to shut it down. If admin or staff find they like it and it is something that gets a decent acceptance, I will be more than happy to pass ownership to any site administrator that requests it.

Happy collaborating~!

Invite link:
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