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Default Hi Y'all I am David! :-)

I am David Blake Mercer a musician from California, mostly Stockton and Sacramento and in the Summer San Fransisco and Santa Cruz. I am a former member/mod/admin for other forums such as,, aka where I made it to the semi-finals in an online rap battle and from the squish sqush squad.
I can play any instrument and prefer percussion.

The Metal band I was in was called Wilson Way with Bart and Stephen then with new members became X Malcolm X and last I heard they were touring and even opened up for the band Escape The Fate.

I have been in a few bands but found more success on my own, I started a hip hop trio in Stockton called Team Woo, we had 15 person street team, shirts logos ect, performed at every venue and house party then I was offered a record deal and turned it down because it did not include my friends who wound up quitting within the year anyways.

In 2013 I published my 5th album "World Changer" which has sold over 1k copies, was on the UC Berkeley Radio and was recorded by Andrew Dunham.

Afterwards in 2015 I began college and in 2016 I performed at X-Fest which had over 12,000 in attendance. Headlined by T-Pain and Suicidal Tendencies
I went on right before they performed and was on stage with S.T. until kicked off for moshing to much :-) also I made about $100 allowed my friends to
perform as well.

Since then I have done some small gigs around the bay area and am working on 4 new albums and new concerts and events for 2020. check out my sites!
I do live programming and vocals, I use FL Studio, Goldwave and Audacity.


-David Blake Mercer
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