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Default SPCL-7122: Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan: Airport Hero Original Soundtrack

I stumbled upon this soundtrack on Mercari JP and saw that it wasn't in the database, so I bought it and added it. The three composers' names are written at the bottom of the back of the insert, but they are written in rĊmaji and only include the first initial and last name. It might be hard to pinpoint who they are.

While there is a price written on the Obi, I can't seem to find any record of this soundtrack being available for purchase online. I'm guessing it may have been available exclusively through the Sonic Powered website:

On the site linked below you can see that they were holding an online raffle that ended on October 26th, 2006. This soundtrack was one of the prizes that 20 people could win.

The site linked below has lots of Q&A about the Airport Hero series, including release dates for the various volumes. Since this soundtrack was released in 2006, it only contains music from the Naha and Narita volumes, since those were the only ones released that year. The description next to the prize in the link above also specifically mentions Naha and Narita.

At the bottom of the page linked below there is mention of a "Sound Tokuten" for the Naha volume of the PSP game. However, the track list is different than this album. There are some tracks that appear on both, but they are in a different order. Also, that album has 12 tracks, while this one has 14. That may be another CD that exists that isn't in the database yet.

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