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Default Help always wanted

I wanted to put a sticky post in this forum to state that help is always welcome. If you love video game music and want to help create the largest and freest collection of game music in the world, consider helping out Game Remixes. The site has increased in traffic 4 times from just two weeks ago (as of November 13), and now ranks second in Google search results for video game remixes.

Here are two things that especially need to be done:
  • A graphic design review to see how the site's appearance can be improved
  • Someone to advertise and work with other site administrators to spread the word
  • Someone to process 2000 backlogged songs to determine re-publication permission and post them as "classic" works if allowed

As this is a non-profit endeavor, no wages are available. However, in addition to the satisfaction of building something enjoyed by many, I'm willing to grant many experience points that can be used currently to promote works and download albums, and which will be able to be used for other purposes in the future.

Send me a private message if you're interested.
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