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I like having something that lets me know if a composer has created new material for an album or not. It's often simple math. If all tracks that a composer has on an album are arranged by one or more other people, they didn't create new material. There are exceptions, but it's rare (Daisuke Ishiwatari, for example). And for those exceptions, that's where the ear comes in. However, there's currently no way to mark these cases other than using the featured checkbox.

Now, as for whether the original composer was involved with the making of the album or not, that's irrelevant as far as what I'm looking for in the first paragraph.

If you want to rework what the featured checkbox means, be my guest. However, I would still like some way of separating albums that only feature arrangements of a composer's work out from the ones that actually feature new compositions. Even if it's something that's more supplemental information than anything official, it's still useful.

EDIT: Changed some things.

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