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As Dag said, I think the question is how the album appear in the discography of the composers. Therefore, I agree that it would be more interesting that something (perhaps another checkbox?) indicate when the album is a new material of the composer.

A possibility is create a new color coding for the roles "Composer", "Arranger", "Performer" and "Lyricist" in the profiles to indicate whether it is a new material or not.

For example, Nobuo Uematsu:

1988 12.21 All Sounds of Final Fantasy I • II H25X-20015

1989 07.25 Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy H28X-10007

1992 11.28 Game Music Concert 2 ~ The Best Selection WPCL-709
Composer, Arranger

1996 03.25 Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version PSCN-5047~8

Green = new material
Blue = old material (arranged by composer himself, by someone etc.)

The problem is that there are many albums with original soundtracks and arranged and also this might not be very pleasant to see.

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