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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
I think the problem would still remain - some wouldn't like to link to the originals as that'd be essentially "featured" (ex. Uematsu here).
I guess I don't understand this particular issue at all. Uematsu composed the original tracks which were arranged in this example, and that's it. Why this dancing with "featured" and what do people want to have here that isn't there?

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
Besides track-linking sounds like ginormous amount of work with added problems, like which'd be the originals in reissued osts? (ex.- here and here)
Reissues are originals as well. The original tracks in the case of VGM come from games, so different recordings/masterings/lengths of that doesn't make one version original and the other fake or something. Think of the originals as products, they can appear on multiple media without ceasing to be originals. If there are multiple versions of originals collectors tend to prefer the oldest appearance, but this doesn't mean the rest is invalid.

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