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For TBM2 since there it has new material I'd go with non-featured = shown in discography (or maybe 'both'?).

Originally Posted by Datschge View Post
I guess I don't understand this particular issue at all. Uematsu composed the original tracks which were arranged in this example, and that's it. Why this dancing with "featured" and what do people want to have here that isn't there?
The problem is how "featured" is used/understood/shown, which affects per-track credits anyway.

If you'd link per track to FF originals (or mark them "arranged") = essentially "featured" ('old stuff') per-track = TBM1 would be listed (as of now) with doujins = people don't like that. That's what I mean the core problem is the same (also: there isn't always an original to link, you'd still mark 'arranged'='featured' some tracks).

In doujins, artist "featured" = 'reused old stuff', so in regular albums it should mean the same imo. The dancing here is that right now it doesn't and we don't agree on it (mainly because of how it's listed I believe).

You say the artist listing would be auto-generated and could be changed on the fly. So the current display style would have to be changed, which we are discussing as well... no?

Originally Posted by Datschge View Post
Think of the originals as products, they can appear on multiple media without ceasing to be originals.
Oh yeah completely I agree. I just meant "linking to the (single) original track" can be messy when several albums 'are/have' the original, but on a second thought you could link to more than one.

Originally Posted by Datschge View Post
Trying to achieve this kind of flexibility by manually adding specific tags on an album level seems like a waste of time to me due to its inherent inflexibility.
Well... linking to originals/arrange marks per track = manually adding tags per track (but more detailed/harder), rather than per artist. The flexibility is the same, just on a lesser scale (either way you could know he did new stuff, just not which one on a glance). We all (?) agree having per-track info would great but until then...
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