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Dag, thank you for the clarification. (I wasn't aware it was all about that "featured on" section of artists, I though it was just a simple throw away section to separate the "lesser" doujins from the "superior" rest, i.e. a hack. I'd just suggest to fix this the right way, which is why the current discussion simply irritated me.)

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
If you'd link per track to FF originals (or mark them "arranged") = essentially "featured" ('old stuff') per-track = TBM1 would be listed (as of now) with doujins = people don't like that.
SS mentioned before that other sound related credits should ideally be eventually included in the database as well. So in the case of TBM1 Uematsu could get a credit as producer. If the visitor gets to choose what a discography of his definition should contain (composed, arranged, arranged by others) such additional credits could be offered as well (produced, directed, programmed etc.).

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