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Originally Posted by HarukameiKasumo View Post
You also got to remember Yasuaki Fujita was also a part of Rockman IV along side with Minae Fuji.
Please refer to Yasuaki Fujita's artist thread. You might like what you find. (

Also, some more of Fujita's works in case they're never mentioned above: Tenchi wo Kurau 2 (NES), Darkwing Duck (NES), The Little Mermaid (NES), and Final Fight 2 (SNES). Mari was also involved with Final Fight 2, but to a lesser extent than Yasuaki (

As for Area 88, the SNES version had five new compositions, and the type of sound for all the tracks in that version, even the arrangements, can still be related to this game because it was still done by Mari on the same console. (

Lastly, I know this isn't my breakdown, but assuming Mari did more than Yasuaki is not something I'd personally believe in.

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