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Oh, well i always heard Bun Bun did Rockman IV's OST with minae and i just figured that was the case. Doesn't look to be the case then, i suppose.

Well, anyway, i definitely agree with what Blitz Lunar said about contacting them. Now someone find Yuko, Yuki, and Setsuo Yamamoto...NOW!!! Or i'll...err...nevermind, just...get them here.

As for the SFC A88, don't forget as well that, i think, Toshio Kajino was involved on this, and i feel like another one was as well, but i guess mari did the new ones? I don't know. Guess the answer will come once we get a hold of these people, which we never will if YOU DON'T TRYYY(looks at everyone while pointing to yuko, yuki, and setsuo) (note, the don't try is a joke, take no offense to it)

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