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Default 28XA-199: R-TYPE ~ IREM GAME MUSIC

Corrected/updated many errors in the tracklist according to scan available and also corrected the product/platform field; these game represented only the arcade.

Track 5 > Kickle Cubele
Track 10 was "Battle Chopper" but I've change it to MR.HELI Great Adventure (MR.HELI No Daibouken) since Battle Chopper is not a translation but it's the western name release of the japanese game MR.HELI No Daibouken.
Track 7-8-9 doesn't convince me since like track 10 they aren't a direct translation but they represent the western releases adaptation name of these games. I haven't stille changed them, I need help from you.
The right translation should be:

魔神 の復活 > Demonic Resurrection
バンゲリング帝国の逆襲 > The Bungeling Empire Strikes Back
帝国からの脱出 > Escape from the Empire

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