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Default Artist Page Edits are Now Logged

So I've got a moderation queue set up for the edit artist pages. This means that all edits from today onward are now logged. You can view the history (if you are logged in) by clicking on the little arrow graphic next to "Edited by" down at the bottom of the artist page. Of course, they are all empty right now except the ones I was playing with.

Right now the queue's scope is limited to field edits on the artist pages. A seperate queue is coming later for website links. Also, I'll have to think about where to put portrait uploading.

Public editing of the artist pages is coming soon. First, I'd like to make sure that all of our edits are appearing properly in the queue, so I'll be observing that for a while. Additionally, we'll have to create a new panel for staff to accept and reject the artist edits. So for now, I'd like staff and trusted editors to continue editing artists and examining the edit histories as you do.
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