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Thumbs up COMPOSERS who should get more ANIME projects

*EDIT: The thread title should be named: COMPOSERS who should get more ANIME projects, sorry for confusing title.
Please if is this checked by some administrator, please change thread title.

This is little bit strange question, but I believe that everyone has his/her favorite composer who is forgotten or didn´t get so much assigments in todays anime scene.

So I will start with my names:
I already mentioned few names before:

Tomoki KIKUYA: his blends of guitar/rock spound & orchestra is quite unique and I would like see his works outside of box od RomCom series.

Yasunori IWASAKI: master of slap bass & fusion orchestral work with strong jazz-rock-funk elements. Momokyun Sword has some nice funky tunes but no soundtrack released because of obscurity of anime.

Takayuki NEGISHI: Carcaptor Sakura composer & frequent arranger for Tanaka KOHEI, still no soundtrack from shonen GEIST CRUSHER series. Again mixer of various styles in best way.

Osamu TOTSUKA: BISMARCK, SAMURAI TROOPERS composers with frequent colaborator Takahashi IKE

Ken MURAMATSU: piano man with nice sense of rhythm & specific arrangements.

Takeshi NAKATSUKA: big band sound at the best. It is always great to hear this type of music in anime.

Masamicz AMANO: Give this man anime series. Thank you Shiro for using him as orchestrator, but why he isn´t scoring Berserk series...

Please join debate. It would be great to hear your opinnions.
All the best
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