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Shinji Miyazaki: Pokemon Company exclusive composer. I don't know if it's ok to consider him in this list cuz he's been active like all this time but his wonderful music really gets (unfortunately) unnoticed outside the Pokemon community.

Takayuki Negishi: Cardcaptor Sakura is the only score you need to see how magical his music is.

Shota Horie: He's mainly working on theme songs, but all the tracks I like from Strike the Blood OST are composed by him. He has composed nice piano pieces and fast paced battle themes that blends electronic elements, dubstep and piano works perfectly.

Shinkichi Mitsumune: He may not be able to do bombastic music like Kato or Sawano, but his piano pieces and catchy themes are just the best. He's done some nice orchestral themes too, like Passionate Duelist.

Yoshihisa Hirano: God of 18th Century Classical Music style in anime. I wonder what happened to him.

Takeshi Watanabe: Just when I thought To LOVE-Ru OST was good, he did an even better job on Darkness. One of the best SoL composers imo.
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