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Default 32CC-2462: Choujuu Sentai Liveman Music Collection

Someone can help me to translate the kanjis of the before last line on the back jacket please? The line with 画/Picture: Iwao (2 times) something?
And verify too the last line (Coordination: Planner104).
I'm not sure that these 2 lines are really important, but they are reported on the Animex 1200 print, what I can see from the back case.

Tatsumi Yano is the arranger of all the BGM in this CD, this info comes from the CD Choujuu Sentai Liveman MUSIC COLLECTION (COCC-13726~7). I don't own it but I have a good scan of the case back. I will add this album later.

Also I put in the notes the infos about the music numbers (M-x).
But in fact they are incomplete and are written a little in disorder in the comments of the tracks inside the booklet. There is no summary table with all the numbers of the musics.
So I used again this accurate blog to complete the few music numbers missing in the booklet:

This website used too the CD COCC-13726~7 to complete the missing music numbers.
After several verifications with some rips and my albums/scans, I don't think there are some mistakes.

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