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It is interesting to see this thread after two years.
Tomoki Kikuya is composing quite a lot but still his main part is slice of life and comedy series.

Masamicz Amano still only arranging and providing occasionally some brass compositions which are excellent.

I think that also Mina Kubota (my favorite female composer) should get lot more work in anime. I like her strong groovy compositions.

Shogo Kaida composed 91 Days which has nice Italian sound and than nothing.

Shigeo Komori is another talented composer who isn´t seen a lot in anime scene.

Yuya Mori after exquisite orchestral work for Black Clover OVA which should earned him lot of anime projects he got...nothing.

And where is ASSUMED SOUNDS, onoken ... it is quite lot of people

P.S. The best news for me was return of Jun Ichikawa and I hope that he will get more work now.
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