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Great thread guys,

I'll throw in Keiichi Oku. It's nice he is tutoring the next generation of composers but he's not that old and Ashita no Nadja is my favorite anime score OF ALL TIME.

Second Masamichi Amano as composer (though he does MORE than arranging for Sagisu, let's be honest), Souhei Kano, Natsumi Kameoka and Yoshihisa Hirano in classical mode.

Tomoyuki Asakawa: Japanese Korngold. Since Candidate for Goddess he switched to harp playing only. But he still scores commercials and recently arranged for the Nier Album, there's a new Wataru project but the chances of him returning are very slim.

Hitoshi Sakimoto: RomeoXJuliet was great. A shame he only gets no budget game scores these days.

Koichiro Kameyama: Classical talent.

Misa Chujo: It would be nice to see her on a bigger project.

Yu Tsuji: Dantalian no Shoka is a masterfully crafted chamber score. More please.

Kan Sawada: Also known as the Doraemon composer. I hope he gets another SciFi project eventually.

Yoko Kanno: I know, I know, but its been a while since her last one.

Hajime Mizoguchi: No anime work since his breakup with Kanno, such a talent.

But I'm very glad that Kohei Tanaka, Shiro Hamaguchi, Hayato Matsuo, Takayuki Hattori and Toshihiko Sahashi have a big comeback.

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