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Originally Posted by xQdoomQx View Post
Yeah! I knew the Skyward Sword connection. I'd love to hear him come back to TLoZ. Honestly, there are tracks off of the Maoyu Mao Yusha soundtrack that are exactly what I would want out of a new Zelda game.
Well, there's a reason to take a listen to that soundtrack. I think his contributions to Skyward Sword were some of the best parts of the soundtrack so I'd love to hear more of his work.

He probably isn't coming back to Zelda unless Nintendo hires him again and they already have a lot of other capable composers working on the series but it would be nice if he could get more anime or even other video game works.

Skyward Sword's soundtrack wouldn't have been the same without fantastic songs like Fi's Theme or Lanayru Sand Sea, although the other composers also did a lot of impressive and memorable tracks.

Again, I reiterate: it's a great shame that game never had a proper soundtrack release.

Originally Posted by xQdoomQx View Post
Another answer to the original thread, but in a slightly different vein, KOHTA YAMAMOTO. Sure, he's getting work, but is he ever going to get his own soundtrack? So far he's only done collaborations or arrangements, but I think he's more than proven himself a capable composer.
Definitely agree, and I think it's only a matter of time until that happens.

Yamamoto's debut work in Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga interested me, whereas Sawano's portion really wasn't up to the standards he set up in the fantastic 1st season and movie soundtracks that show him to be capable of much more than his now trademark bombast, which is exactly what he did for Kyoto Saga aside from a few standout tracks.

Blue Exorcist had Sawano show a lot more restraint and musical variety compared to other anime works he's done, so his approach to Kyoto Saga was a bit disappointing. I think Yamamoto did a better job in this regard.

Sawano should take a break from working on dramatic action-heavy shounen or mecha shows and work on something different like romance, slice of life or horror. The last time he did was in the 2015 NHK morning drama Mare, so it's been a while since he stepped outside his comfort zone.

And while I'm on the topic of composers stuck in working on the same thing, I think Yugo Kanno is on that trap with JoJo. I liked the idea of each part having its own composer. Kanno isn't a bad composer at all, but it feels like his work on JoJo Part 5 so far is more of the same kind of music as what he did in Parts 3 and 4. Seeing as the story takes place in Italy, it's such a missed opportunity to not focus more on Italian music and give Golden Wind a more unique sound. Taku Iwasaki would've been perfect for this part, to be honest, considering some of his past works featuring Italian opera pieces. It's also early to judge the whole soundtrack based on just a few episodes, so this is just me being nitpicky. lol

Another composer I'd like to hear more in anime: Takafumi Wada. He's mostly been something of an "assistant composer" for Sawano and the two collaborate often, but he's quite capable and should get more works on his own. I really liked his music in The Seven Deadly Sins, which also had some really nice Celtic-inspired songs by Yamamoto for its 2nd season. They should just have Wada and Yamamoto take over this series and let Sawano go, to be honest. Sawano's output in 7DS 2nd season and movie was really uninspired overall. Almost as if he doesn't want to work on the series anymore and has to do so out of some contractual obligation. Considering Aniplex and their love of advertising Sawano's name on their shows, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.
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