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Originally Posted by xQdoomQx View Post
Oh, it's a fantastic soundtrack, I highly recommend both volumes. The track "魔族的崇拝" (track 9 on the first volume) particularly makes me think of Zelda. It has a very similar Dead Can Dance-esque vibe as the temple songs from Ocarina Of Time.

Yeah, as much as I like Sawano, his sequels tend to be comparatively lacking. Both Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga and Seven Deadly Sins 2nd season, while not out-right bad, per se, were lacking the distinguishing features that differentiated the first OSTs from the rest of his discography. Though I will say, the new tracks for Thunderbolt Fantasy that have shown up in the show so far, save some new piano arrangements that don't do much for me, have been pretty killer.

And I agree with Takafumi Wada. I'd like for him to do his own stuff both in that I'd like to hear some stuff exclusively by him, as well as, in general, I don't really like when Sawano has co-composers. No mattar how good the co-composers or Sawano's material is by itself, everything Sawano does is so obviously Sawano, and everyone else is so obviously not. It never melds properly and always sounds really awkward to me...

But I digress... I didn't mean to hi-jack the thread into a Sawano discussion... :P
Lets say that Terraformars Revenge is pretty awesome Wada soundtrack and I had its main theme - that incredible string motive as ring tone.
Also Shusei Murai 1st season score was great.
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