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Label Gate is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment and they put copy protection on about ~400 Japanese-only cds back in the early 2000s. All CCCD methods break the redbook / CDDA standard which means it can't be advertised as a "CD" (cd logo can't be put on it) and will potentially have problems being played in regular CD players, PCs, or ripped. Label Gate CCCD took it a step further and separated the disc into two sessions. One that could be played on normal CD players (sometimes) and not on PCs or ripped, and a second session that when put in a computer would use software to determine if it was your first time (free) or second+ (not free) and allow you to copy it. The first version (MAGIQLIP) phoned home and required an internet connection. The second version (MAGIQLIP2) did not.

Eventually, Label Gate was phased out and not used. Due in part to public backlash (both users and artists), general lack of adoption (Cactus Data Shield was more prevalent), the advent of online and streaming services like iTunes, and the general consensus that CCCD was largely unsuccessful.

If you intend on playing or copying any CD you should never buy a copy protected CD because there is no guarantee it will work. You should especially not buy a Label Gate copy protected CD because it almost certainly will not work.

fyi, Label Gate is the company that owns and operates They moved into the streaming business shortly after the CCCD business.
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