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Default K28G-7182: Comics Original Album Area 88

There are a few rather unknown artists on this album:

The lyricist named ケネス・オキモト: Kenneth Okimoto
It should be that man (also named Kenneth G. Okimoto) giving his interest fields:

The singer named ポール吉田: it should be Paul Yoshida, but there are other possible romanizations for 吉田.
My only source is DrillSpin, which shows too the link with Ichiro Nitta:

The singer named 竹中ゆかり: Yukari Takenaka. I don't have some source for her, but I don't find other possible romanization.

About the staff, the art director and the designer are only indicated on the insert back of the vinyl.
The scans are difficult to read, but I have a confirmation of the names on Discogs (all the kanji are correct here):

For all other names, I put a photo of the CD booklet:
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