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So, I nabbed a Switch Lite so I could play the game again. I'm pretty pleased with what they've done with the game. I do miss a few pieces of dialog that were changed and the renaming of the arts attacks drives me bonkers. The only rename I like is renaming the fighting tech "Fist" as "Pressure Point" - which makes complete sense if you seen that technique. I get the names are probably more loyal translations now, but after 21 years I grown accustomed to the old ones.

Anyway, I thought I'd post here that there is a sound test in the game and the tracks are named. However, I don't think the names are exact translations of the names we have on file here. When it get a day off I'll post them in this thread here and compare them to what we have for the previous versions of the OST. It looks like the missing tracks are included, however, I'm guessing the new tracks for the 8th scenario are unlocked when you play it, I don't see them in the listing.
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