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Yeah, I totally agree, I was thinking even 200DPI is sufficient because like Myrkul said, the goal is just to read the text. But then I wondered if people would object and call that "too small" or something. I use the Lanczos algorithm to downsize the 600DPI scans, the result is really nice.

And I guess I can scan the booklets with side-by-side pages, if that's what people really like. It sort of breaks my heart with bigger booklets, where you won't catch well the very inside of the pages because it's just too thick to be flattened completely. But, I can do it that way, surely. Also, for foldouts that have 3 or 4 pages side-by-side, like with some DigiCube releases (Brave Fencer Musashi, SaGa Frontier, Tales of Symphonia, Vagrant Story...), wouldn't it be easier just to use a scan-and-stitch program?
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