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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
I hate to say this, but it's recommended not to do that. You're more or less undoing the efforts of the original scanner who separated the pages. Plus the scans take longer to load.
As far as myself is concerned, I really wanted to scan all the pages at once, but my scanner screen was too small, and the separation was just the end result of compromise. I know it's a matter of preference, but I honestly can't see much merit in separating them. It only redoubles one's mouse clicking, while it can potentially make users lost, as the overall structure of the booklet obfuscates.

That said, I agree if the booklet consists of more than 4 pages in a transverse direction, it's a bit too longer to read (and it can already surpass VGMdb's maximum scan size unless you drop dpi). In that case, maybe we should separate pages at an appropriate point (e.g. 1x4 -> 1x2*2). I like an idea of keeping both joined and separated images sounds, though I know some members much prefer to maintain the simplest gallery.
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