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Default "Artist" names

So sometimes, especially on rhythm game soundtracks, songs are credited under the name of an "artist." Sometimes this is the name of the singer, sometimes it's the same name as the composer, and sometimes it's a completely different name.

Like for this song from beatmania IIDX 19, the credited composer is Tatsh (Tatsuya Shimizu), but the "artist" is STN. STN isn't the composer or arranger (those are Tatsh), certainly isn't the lyricist, and isn't really the performer since there aren't any instrumental credits. STN is its own name in a separate category from the four artist fields on an album.


Likewise, sometimes an album is published under the name of an "artist" that isn't actually credited for any of the four fields. An example of this would be EGOIST's releases, for which there was a discussion about how to handle linking.

nextday's opinion was that EGOIST isn't a band and is never credited with anything, so it doesn't really make sense to link EGOIST as a performer when it's not a performer. I agree with this: EGOIST falls into its own category of name.


So my question of the thread is this: are the "artist" names I've been describing in this thread worth capturing by the database in some way?

ᄐv๑–X² has been linking them as performers on DDR albums, but I really dislike this workaround. I think the performer field should be kept to actual musical performance and not used as a catch-all field for any name we want linked to an album. But there isn't a better way to link them to albums at the moment, so it falls to that or nothing at all.
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