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I'm all in on making the albums as accurate as possible, so what's the best possible way to preserve aliases? especially within BEMANI artists which have a typical fashion of crediting works like this:

Artist: 180
Composer: NM sequence


Crediting the composer is a piece of cake, but where do we put his "180" alias link to him? Can't be in the composer field or arranged, and it doesn't sound 'that' great putting it under the performer field (although to me it makes some sense as it's like a stage name while composing it under a studio.

Summary of solutions:

( 1 ) Redefine what the term 'Perfomer' field is to expand beyond just 'Stage/Band performances and include Studio performed artist as aliases.

( 2 ) Completely forget the whole alias thing and just focus on composers, and leave the 'Performer' to field that way it stands in definition, no alias linking.

( 3 ) The extreme solution would be to put an "Artist" Slot to the site, problem solved.

I'm rooting for accuracy on this site, that is why this database is different and possibly enviable by others because of the the excellent work editors and submitters communicate issues and tighten entries.

That being said, it would be a mistake disregarding artist aliases to just composers as it makes it much less complete and a bit confusing. BEMANI albums (from what I've seen) have this situation across all their series and I believe we need to reach an agreement on what to do from now on as a standard.
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