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Default Purpose of this forum

remixSite ( is a site for posting game music and videos that you have composed, rearranged, or produced, and listeners may download any work that's been uploaded free of charge. Visitors can rate your work and provide constructive criticism so that you may revise it. Then, you can post a new version of the song and everyone can work with each other through this process of incremental improvement. And if you're already experienced in game music, you might earn the to have your song featured at the top of the charts on the front page of the site. Furthermore, the site provides the opportunity for anyone to organize competitions between video game music composers.

remixSite was designed with the Video Game Music Database as a core element. Each song lists influences, which are tracks from VGMdb. Since the influences are cataloged using VGMdb's vast collection of data, it's easy to search for a specific game or track's remixes using the many grids, and even to create a custom playlist based upon your selections.

You can contribute by visiting the site and signing up for an account. There is no charge and your work's copyrights remain 100% yours. We respect artists' rights and artists are welcome to click the "remove" button to delete their media at any time. We strive not to be a clique, and if we are, then please call us out on it. There is no judging process or waiting period before your songs are live, and you may post songs that are originals or remixes, and songs that are available at other sites or have never been published before. Join our community by making a post in this forum to say hi.

If you're not a musician, then perhaps you might consider reviewing some songs or videos that have been posted recently, or simply browsing through our collection.
Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!

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