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Default Adding some new Media Formats

Through the process of adding thousands of albums to VGMdb, we've discovered that we are missing some formats, particularly some lesser used ones. I'd like to add a new batch of these, though I don't remember which formats we've discussed in the past.

Here's what we've currently got:

Digital Release
Other (catch-all)

Here's what we need to add:


In addition, there are some funky formats like CDV, as well as those mini-sized CDs. I'm not entirely sure that we want to add some of these variants, particularly the ones that most people will want to see returned in their results under the broader category. But anyway, I'd like to brainstorm and discuss all the possible additions so that I can add them all at once.

Note that media format is not the same as data format, so we won't need to (for example) break up digital into mp3, ogg, flac, etc. A data format field will be needed for future cataloging music on a game basis.
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