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Haha, I can assure you I've been extremely busy with life. SS has it right when he said if anything's more of a peripheral project or inquiry, we have a LOT of stuff unwillingly fall by the wayside. (Thanks for vouching for us there, SS. I'll try to touch base on our stuff too. :-)

I've been pretty inactive here and have scaled back my work at OC ReMix due to being so busy. Last September was the first time, after 5 1/2 years and 3,000 straight submissions, that I haven't been able to vote on every submission we receive. Hence being called out on January 21st and not even seeing it or responding until now.

I'll reply more later, but I've seen a lot of bad faith from quentin (no worries, I'm not personally offended, just amused), as well as several wrong assumptions, including that we're making some serious coin at OC ReMix. :-) The notion that we're hiding that we're making serious bank is awesome, but it ain't happening. :-D I'd definitely say do not sink money into anything. That's not how we or anyone else has done it.
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