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Originally Posted by quintin3265 View Post
I don't know how to change the issue of bad faith now that it has become entrenched, but this is the core issue with the community. If there were some step that could be taken to stop the cycle of distrust between everyone, then the video game music community would become a force to be reckoned with.
I'll give you a hint: You won't address issues of bad faith by vaguely accusing some sites of being profit-minded, by calling people hypocritical, or by saying you've "lost all respect" for myself or others.

If that wasn't abundantly obvious.

Just because you're not getting as much traffic as you think you should be doesn't mean there's a fundamental flaw with the community or that anything is "entrenched". Come to MAGFest... you'll see that now, more than ever, the exact opposite is true. If my failing to respond to your PM ruffles your feathers that much, you're in this for all the wrong reasons. People fail to respond to my emails all the time; I never interpret that as endemic, "entrenched" issues with the community, I basically just figure they don't have the time, or aren't interested. To assume otherwise would be to inflate my own ego - "How DARE you not respond to me! Bad faith!" - and frankly, doesn't the Internet have enough of that?

You can't play it both ways. You're here pointing fingers, citing hypocrisy, making vague assertions that some folks are in it for the money, and whining about lack of response to private messages on forums (seriously?), and at the *same time* you're claiming the moral high ground and saying you wish you could "fix" these inherent core issues & distrust you see with the community.

Forgive me, but it's a painful paradox to observe.