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i dont want step on toes here, but you guys have ignored him. thats the big thing. he sent feelers out all over the community to tons of people. everybody ignored them. hes got a right to be a lil upset about that. you say you put ten years of work into ocr. your ten years worth of work in your mind and what you have given to the community is overshadowed in my eyes when you ignore people in the community that try and combine their efforts like steve tried to do what he wanted to do and what he thought was right.

i dont even know what he was asking fully in specifics, but when someone whos starting a site writes promotional email and takes time to do it and it gets ignored, i donno. personally it would make me mad. this is steve's forum to voice his concerns. you dont have a right to say he's stirring up dirt when he's just telling the truth and you dont like that its on the internet to see. thats the mistakes you've always made with your dealing with people in every skirmish ive seen you be in over the years, the fights with brendan, the fights with virt, everybody. you're too quick to write anybody or anything off.

you must have cared to read this when i brought it to your attention. you cared even more to reply instead of keeping it in and accepting it. you wrote a pretty cocky assy reply, and im not upset at that, im upset at you having simply ignored his reaching out to begin with after all this time and then you have the gall to come here and say this as the founder of ocr after i asked you to simply read. community. you dont speak of pride for community, you speak from a derision of your own integrity that you dont even see in yourself that you show others, and it makes them take you less seriously and makes your own work cornier and cornier to me.

i am honestly a little bit let down in you that you'd come here and accuse him of stirring up shit when it took how long now? over a year to even get you to acknowledge that he exists? i had to get with you and say 'hey you might want to read this'. i didnt even say you should reply. that isnt perpetuating the dirt i dont think. and hey, what do i know. maybe you really didnt see his messages.

he has had absolutely no help from within this community from anybody other than myself and another toad, and everybody else within the community, just like how you did, told him he was doing something wrong. that isnt community, thats some people ignoring another person who has the same goal they do, and why? because they dont want to consolidate effort? i donno, i really dont know.

you finally acknowledge steve's hard work and you preface it with 'ive worked on ocremix for over yen years of my life'. but how much of that work did you have help with? and how many people were actually willing to help you? that was your blessing in your being able to say now 'i did this', and i know you have a lot of pride in ocr and its honestly brought me around to the community, the longevity of it. now yure coming here and talking up your credibility like its something you built alone. but conversely, steve has had no real outside help except from me, who writes and releases music and does publication work and production work on top of helping my elderly parents and i still make that time to help him when its legitimately become a full time thing for me. but that hard work and responsibility, that falls squarely on my shoulders and i dont go around making posts about how awesome i am and then insulting other people like you did this morning. i simply give people the love and respect that i'd want given to me. you gave a bunch of negi vibes that i guess you had pent up towards steve. great.

i have so much music on his site because i believe in it. id have music on ocr im sure if i didnt feel like it was too much of a challenge to find acceptance in two people and have them be able to say whether it's hosted there. i simply havent submitted since 2003.

regardless of what steve might or might not be most concerned with out of remixsite, its only insult after the injury any sort of prophetic opinion you can give him. i wont ever insult what you've built in ocr, i will only say that in my work i can lay claim on tss and say it's my and housethegrate and ashanes work from 1997 until 2007 and forevermore now when i formed a full band, and it was more than uphilll to get where i went. but all the while i tried to help people out, answered every email, filled every order, everything.

i guess what im trying to say without starting a big fiasco or an argument with you is this; you guys work hard with ocr, but if you are going to operate with a modicum of pride for yourselves personally what you do and have it appear to be convincing to people like me or any other person in the community, you're gonna have to start reaching out within the community more. i see what you've done with ocr, i believe in it. but you havent ever showed me that you cared about it reaching its potential and its always been 'were trying to' or 'were doing'. whats been done is a lot of segregation due to the way you act and head overclocked remix.

i and others see community at ocr in terms of the musical output and the appreciation startin to slip a lil and its startin at the people at the top acting historically with their actions and words. your responses both were both all the same stuff you've said five years ago with little or no gravity in what i see because theres no positive suggestion in any of it, just insult on top of steves injury.

ive said my piece, i've tried with as little pushing and prodding to get you guys to just take a look at what steves been trying to do and its like he gets returned with opinions that what he's wanting to do isnt worthwhile from everybody because he doesnt know how to do things. if what he was trying to do wasnt worthwhile, would i spend any of my time helping him? you can plead ignorance or not knowing he's doing it, but i've told both you and larry what he's been doing over the months. ive talked to larry more in private about remixsite than i have you but still. i hope you guys arent personally offended, but i felt like laying it on the line here.

if you guys want to help him the way ive tried to for a long time, we'd appreciate it. otherwise, no further conversation or input is necessary here or no followups or anything. i doubt i'll personally be checking out this thread again unless someone msg's me and tells me they wrote a different kind of reply then the stuff i've seen from every single person who's replied here. sorry for lettin all this out, i really apologize. but it had to be said.