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i never said i didnt understand anything, and really its immaterial what i understand and dont. my mind wont be changed of how ive seen people, alot of people, treat the remixsite situation because ive seen most of it, the words and the feelings and whatever else. i wouldnt TREAT a person that way. whats moreover is that i dont even NEED to necessarily understand any of this, because ive already said i dont have an opinion one way or another about remixsite or ocr anymore, they both have their shortcomings that are not ever going to be fixed or changed unless some serious consideration goes into all of it. i have fairly reserved feelings about this scene that people dont need to know about, but from a standpoint of how steve has been treated by the community as a whole, i can say that its kinda wack.

when dave and larry scoffed in pm to me initially about remixsite when i mentioned it, that is what is surprising to me... you and dave and larry saying the opposite of what actually has been said privately here in public when different stuff was said to me in private.. thats not how people should treat one another. i make time for people no matter what because ive had to do crazy shit like people's lives and get them to hospitals via the computer.

you say your staff at ocr has dwindled, then the remaining staff's time they have to offer has dwindled down too, right? you making reparations to bring new people in? if not, and like i said, your projects will continue to take years and years to happen and its not like the mentality of ocr hasnt been anything beyond 'hurry up and wait' for the last oh what, 8 years now? i donno how it was from 2000 to 2002. you keep bringing up your shortcomings with what you have going on in ocr thats wrong as a whole while bringing up what you've got in the pipeline for years now that are legitimate good things and you're trying to represent the bad things as things to be proud of, yet when the things you guys do come to fruition its almost received with the sentiment of it finally coming together, like people didnt expect it to. is that the kind of projects you want to be involved with and have ocr be known as? i think you guys are better than that.

maybe thats not what it is at the heart and essence of it truly, but thats what i see on the outside lookin in from not only ocr as it presents itself, but how the community presents its impression of ocr in return. the majority of ocr massive proper doesnt seem to reach out beyond ocr a ton, i know there is exceptions and people who do a lot of different things.

the only thing im surprised by is how youve tried to mitigate those shortcomings you guys have as a whole with ocr and act like its unwarranted for someone to be frustrated with the organization as a whole when they are ignored repeatedly and you guys lie about it and say whatever it is you are saying to absolve yourselves of how people will view that. steve knew i was trying to get you guys to get in contact with him but nobody wanted to on your end. maybe steve could have helped ocr a fucking ton, but now you guys will probably never find out because you choose to simply not understand. as far as the projects ocr has, it sounds like you guys have too much on the plate and not enough manpower to help out with crucial details.

ill be leaving this whole dialog now, i have snow to shovel and preparations to make. steve can continue it and add anything he might need or want to say to make the situation worse or whatever it is now, i dont care a farts worth now and really, its cool. i honestly dont have any anger or anything toward anybody in this situation. i feel a ton of indifference and a little bit of sickness in my stomach for people just in general in terms of one person to another because of how people have talked to each other in this thread among other ones. what did i invest in any of these communities? my time or pride isnt at stake. the only thing i have at stake is possibly saying something that can make people see or understand one another better. my heart, thats all i've ever wanted to give anybody. i always just wanted to make a personal connection with every single person who ever appreciated my music. and maybe i'll do that in life. this line of thought and this route of discussion is getting nobody anywhere, its a waste of my time to explain it when people just want to bring up things that arent even factors and completely shun the truth and the facts of things. I KNOW how people acted in all of this, and i'll leave it at that.