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I get lots of E-Mails every day. I work 9 hours a day, commute, go to the gym every night, make dinner, clean the house, do wash, shop, and do all the other stuff that's necessary to live, and I often feel dead by the time I'm done at night. But I still reply to all my E-Mails. It doesn't take long to reply to E-Mails, even if it's just to say that you will get back to them later. When you don't reply to an E-Mail, PM, or other method of communication, you are disrespecting the other person.
Yes, I was like this too three or four years ago. But if there is one thing you desperately need to learn about the music industry it's that you absolutely cannot expect everybody to be like that. Take it personally all you want; it's only going to make your life miserable. There are entire books written about how important it is to delegate responsibilities in the music industry and NOT respond to every inquiry and email you get, or if you're a business owner, both of which are true for me (and really for most people on the OCR staff.)

I will tell you straight-up why I didn't respond to your email. It looks like spam. It's asking me to spend my own time doing things to benefit you and your site. What is my motivation for doing this? Why should I give you my time and get nothing in return? If anything, you're acting self-important here, as if I somehow owe you ANYTHING at all. This simply isn't how the world works. If you send an unsolicited music demo to Sony or Universal, do you know where it goes? Into the garbage. I've actually gone to networking events, had hour-long conversations with people, exchanged business cards, and driven them home, and NOT received replies to my emails to them afterward. That's how the world actually works.

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