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Just want to point out that he didn't say this on OCR. He said this all on his own website after repeatedly trying to communicate with dudes from OCR. He was venting frustrations. When you vent frustrations, it's usually because no one has taken the time to understand how you feel and you "vent" to get rid of the anger and hurt you feel, which was caused by something bad happening to you. Regardless of whether this guy was right or wrong, I don't find what he did deserving of the shitstorm that has ensued. The crime does not fit the punishment guys. Complete ostracism and segregation now? Is this really necessary?

When you put your time and hard work into something, and it's not going well, and you ask for help from people that you respect, and get all but ignored, it's going to hurt. When you complain, and those people get up in your face because you complained, what's that going to solve?

You guys are busy, we get it, all of the things you are busy with have, in fact, been bullet pointed and listed above. Understood. But apparently you dudes are not busy enough to not take the time to reply to the "negative" attention that has now become a factor in your relationship.

The reply that this guy got was more of a case of "I have been around longer than you and have done all these things and am better than you and you whine at me when I don't acknowledge you?" Or at least it seemed that way, especially to him. I mean I can pretty much understand how he feels now. Even if the situation has gotten so ugly... I just don't understand... I really don't get why it had to get this ugly and hurtful.

It's one of those cases where someone has a problem with somebody, and that person gets all mad that there is a problem in the first place. I hate that so much. Why not just address the issue and talk it out guys? If you don't understand, then say "I don't understand"... Not everything has to be the equivalent of a fight by the swingset after school you know? A bunch of raging bulls butting heads, comparing "portfolios" and telling everyone how important they are.

Why did all this stuff have to come into play in the argument in the first place?

I have to say, my heart goes out to this guy because I hate that feeling more than anything. I understand that you guys must not care about PR or anything, but the analogy I get here is the "not so cool kid" trying to hang out with the "cool kids" and getting the shit beat out of him for even trying... Out by the monkeybars...

The fact that this debate got so dirty doesn't surprise me, I mean most of us from this community are pretty used to it. But it is tiring to see over and over and I really think most of you are better than this. I honestly do. I mean, why do you think I've hung around for so long? Not to make this about me, because it is not... But I just really think most of you are just really cool people and all have something great to offer. I don't want to see more bad blood and feelings keep sprawling up, from bad seeds planted like this.

Old stuff has been dead and buried, but you know? It happened, and it happened for various reasons that might be repeating and coming into play here. People remember... And the best medicine for this is to not repeat mistakes, or not do things to others that have been done to you... To not sweep these things under the rug, but to keep remembering that in order for things to not happen again, we should all just remember these things and why they happened and try our best to get along with each other.

Just because stuff happened ten years ago doesn't mean it's not relevant towards the argument. It's not about finger pointing, but more about focusing on trends that have happened in the past and a need to fix those trends.

I mean reading this just shows me that so much really has not changed. I'm not saying that this guy was right or wrong, I don't know the details of your relationship, I am just replying to what I have seen from this thread, the ugliness of it, the extreme viewpoints, the black and white arguments, the completely unnecessary banter and maliciousness of it, with a tremendous lack of wanting to understand or help the situation. Lines between friend and enemy clearly drawn when it didn't have to happen this way. It's extremely depressing to watch.