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Default Rule changes

Recently, I announced that I would be putting more effort into the site and making some significant changes, but that in return, I would be asserting a greater control over some aspects of the site's running. In preparation for releasing these major changes, I wanted to post some rule changes.

I realize that the video game music community tends to be very competitive. However, I believe that there is a distinction between offering criticism in a reasonable manner, and making posts with no real opinions that are designed only to put down others. I'm not stating that either way is wrong or right; however, other sites have lesser or nonexistent policies on this behavior, and you are welcome to post there if you disagree with this stance.

I want remixSite to be foremost a place where people can go to feel welcomed in the community, and where there are no cliques or barriers to entry. That's why anyone can post songs, and it's also why I believe that a policy promoting a welcoming atmosphere is necessary.

Effective immediately, criticism and even personal criticism is welcome, but mocking people, making backhanded comments, and name-calling without any constructive benefit is not acceptable here. For a critical post to be welcome, it must satisfy the extremely low barrier of having some factual substance to it. For example, "X's song is awful because it is monotone and slow" is welcome, but "X is an idiot for posting this song" is not welcome. If something is questionable, we'll err on the side of allowing people to speak. For now, posts that are unwelcome will be deleted (but posts will never be edited). Later, unwelcome posts will cost that poster experience points. Posts made before February 17 will not be deleted.

In addition, users who rate a disproportionate number of songs with one star will face account suspension on the site beginning with the next release. You're welcome to rate songs with one star, but rating everything one star doesn't serve any purpose other than to put down artists. Like with Composition Combat, it is possible to track the patterns of individual users relatively accurately, even those who are not logged into their accounts or who switch IP addresses. If you don't yet have an account, then your ratings will be invalidated and you will not be able to register for an account. The threshold will be high enough that honest users won't have anything to worry about.

While some will disapprove of these decisions, I'm sure that others will agree that we can be civil and still allow people to offer their opinions freely at the same time.
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