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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
I meant both his own albums and arranges by other people, but mainly his own. I understand if you take away the "Doujin/Indie" type his albums become regular releases/blue, but right now they are doujin/orange so they'd change...?

I don't really mind either way, don't get me wrong, but since ZUN and doujin (as in 'doujin subculture') come together in my mind, I find strange (and maybe others will) they'd suddenly become 'normal' osts' when they have been doujin/orange all this time.
Yeah, Touhou games "officials" (the ZCDS series) used to show up in the general game music color, but now they are doujin/indie. I always prefered it the other way, but that was based on my incorrect understanding of the word "Doujin."

By the way, wasn't the popular PC game Myst produced out of some guy's garage? That would make the Myst soundtrack fall under Doujin/Indie, which is also bizarre.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
Since doujin covers more than just arranges/fan-arranges it could get confusing, just saying.
And... Mozart arranges wouldn't be fan arranges? :P
Though one distinction is that Mozart music is all public domain. It's fair game for anyone to use it for any purpose.
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