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Of course! It's from a GameSpot interview from December.

I don't think that I could point out any specific artist or genre. I just try to listen to lots of different kinds of music. Everything from classical to jazz to lounge and techno, just a wide spectrum of music.

I don't have anything that's on heavy rotation on my iTunes, and I'm not listening to my own CDs all that often. I really just have Internet radio stations, and I flip the channels so that I hear a wide variety.
Reading this again, shoot, I knew I missed a genre or two in my list. I'm also surprised how his musical style's remained so consistent considering he's been listening to all kinds of things like he says.

[EDIT, 13 August] To prevent double-posting, I'm editing this post to wish Mr. Koji Kondo a happy birthday, and a thank you for 32 years of some of the most memorable pieces of video game music - or even music in general - ever composed. Thank You, Mr. Kondo!

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