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Hi, currently listening to the new episode. Very interesting stuff you're talking about!

Like KyleJCrb already mentioned, the stereo separation is way too large. I first tried listening to it via headphones, but it's very irritating when the direction of the voice suddenly changes from left to right and vice-versa. I put a crossfeed plugin in my audio chain and it was much better this way.
However I switched to my stereo hifi system afterwards and it's a lot better there, even without the crossfeed enabled.

The most annoying thing so far was the chiptune that played during the first minutes - that one was way too loud and I got easily distracted from what you guys were telling

EDIT: Just finished, pretty solid work - good job!
The review section got me interested in the Fragile (I love piano and ambient) and the MintJam album (big fan of the Kanon and Clannad anime). I already own the KH Piano Collections, but it was nevertheless nice to hear the critique

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