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Default CX-7174: Choujin Locke -Hikari no Ken-


Yoshihiro Yonekura and Tsutomu Arakawa are already credited for the CD "Locke the Zuperman Ronwall no Arashi":

Remark: there are some furiganas (or other?) above the title, only for vinyl and cassette prints, so maybe the title need to be edited?

My opinion about this CD: I love it, it is my favourite Choujin Locke's image album just behind Lord Leon. Here the music is beautiful and various (sweet or dynamic), there are some lovely scats too and the songs are great (the singers have some great voices: Ushio Hashimoto, Tsutomu Arakawa, ELMI, and, of course, Norio Sakai <3 ). It is a masterpiece!

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