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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
Yeah, it's the former. The latter would be "reprogram", wouldn't it? Actually, I may need to add that classification as well.
Typically I've heard these releases referred to as "Full Sound Version".

I really like the new album submission design. Awesome work!

Other random notes:

Instead of "Use the western convention of First Name followed by Surname." I would recommend "Use the western convention of Given Name followed by Family Name."

What about Staff Notes? The textboxes to edit them are gone, but the notes are still showing up on albums. I know the staff notes are no longer needed due to the forum thread integration, but what should be done with the existing text?

Can we have a page to explain all of the release types, classifications, and categories? I don't know what "Publications" are or some of the other things. If these items are data driven, you could have a description field in the tables so that you could propagate the descriptions in multiple places while updating it in one location.

"Publisher type" and "Distribution type" sound good, but "Classification" and "Category" sound a bit generic. Why not something like "Audio type" and "Product -or- Source type"?
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